Social Intelligence

for a culture of respect.

Mindfulness begins with a positive self-awareness and extends to respectful acknowledgement of the values of others. Ntrinsx helps people understand each other’s intrinsic values, and how to interpret their behavior.

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Why do people behave that way?

It makes sense when you understand what drives them.

Jenny prefers order, predictability. She knows that is the best way to avoid conflict and stress.

Jimmy is always coming up with new and creative ways to engage people. He is the go-to person for all new programs.

Harold, on the other hand, likes to keep his options open. He won’t waste any time if he sees a new opportunity.

Nick needs his space and time to think things through. To him, change is good, but only if planned properly.

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Ntrinsx is quick, fun, and incredibly powerful.

Ntrinsx makes it easy to learn, store, view, share, and leverage the intrinsic values of people you care about. It is a cloud-based application that makes it easy to engage large populations to improve relationships – with individuals, teams, and departments.

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The “Color of...”

a learning series that teaches respect.

Ntrinsx helps you with professionally developed Instructor Guides, PowerPoints, and Handouts.

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You really need to stop and think about their colors before you approach them.

How do you assure consistent performance from each individual? The first step is recognizing that we all think about our role and our contributions differently based on our intrinsic values.

[Excerpt from “Color of Accountability” Learning Module]

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Having my team understand that I am open to change has helped me build a better relationship and trust.

It’s constant and we all react to it in different ways. Some thrive on it. Some resist it. The key is understanding how different people can play a role in the change process.

[Excerpt from “Color of Change” Learning Module]

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It helps in tailoring conversations. Do they respond better to “just the facts” or do they like to hear a detailed explanation?

We all communicate differently based on our intrinsic values and we appreciate it when others consider our values when they communicate with us.

[Excerpt from “Color of Communication” Learning Module]

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conflict & stress

Helps to know triggers of other colors and how they react to situations.

Conflict can produce stress for one, and at the same time stimulate another. So, what’s the difference? The key is knowing how to get the results you need without disrespecting the values of those you depend on.

[Excerpt from “Color of Stress & Conflict” Learning Module]

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engagement & motivation

People perform better when they feel respected. I can make a difference if I relate to the values of those I am charged to lead.

There’s a high likelihood that what motivates me doesn’t motivate you. When engaging people it is essential to reinforce their self-esteem.

[Excerpt from “Color of Engagement & motivation” Learning Module]

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harassment & bullying

Regardless of our personality differences, we all need to be more cooperative and respectful of each other in the workplace.

Mental anguish caused by disrespectful behavior is often unintended. Unintended or not, such behavior leads to illness, which erodes productivity and can end up in costly legal action.

[Excerpt from “Color of Respect in the Workplace” Learning Module]

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hr laws

It’s not just a matter of common sense, as some would have you believe. It helps to understand that everyone has a different perspective.

We have a lot of laws and they’re changing all the time. Sometimes managers get into trouble simply because they’re not aware of a legal provision – sometimes because they didn’t handle it properly.

[Excerpt from “Color of HR Law for Managers” Learning Module]

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interviewing & hiring

I know that there are certain personalities that don’t mix well and that changes my approach to the person or situation.

Hiring decisions entail more than a skills assessment. It is crucial to understand how the new employee will fit into the culture of the company, team and even customers.

[Excerpt from “Color of Interviewing & Hiring” Learning Module]

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I’m better able to approach others with assignments. Better able to communicate in a style that will be accepted by other colors.

Strong leaders have motivated followers. While there are different leadership styles, the most successful understand and embrace the unique values of those around them.

[Excerpt from “Color of Leadership” Learning Module]

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performance management

I take into consideration that everyone doesn’t work the same way and I’m more respectful of the different outcomes achieved.

More than a review process, Performance Management inspires productive relationships between managers and subordinates.

[Excerpt from “Color of Performance Management” Learning Module]

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I prepare my presentations based on the color(s) of my audience. It helps me design the slides knowing what will spark them.

So many presentations – so few that are effective. Presenters can maximize their effectiveness by knowing their audience and appealing to their values.

[Excerpt from “Color of Presentations” Learning Module]

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